Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What a wonderful summer

Well the summer has been great.

A holiday to Portugal in July saw us studying Estate Agents windows. Like you do! The next thing we knew we were driving to a rural part of Faro and viewing a brand new apartment.

We were determined not to jump in with both feet, but our hearts did a double beat as we drew up the dusty lane and into the carpark of the block.

Our new property, a very large one-bed unit on the outskirts of the town where my partner Jose grew up. This new venture is all very exciting. Video camera security entry, luxury bathroom furniture with power-shower, marble flooring and granite work-tops in the state-of-art designer kitchen. Our next challenge is kiting out the living room and bedroom.

I like to think of myself as a environmentally sound, but have to confess that I want to install Air Conditioning...Should I do it when I will only visit for five weeks holiday a year?

Maybe all I need to do is open windows at either end of the unit and hope for a thru-draft... But have you ever been to Portugal in the summer - just taking a deep breath in the month of August can burn your lungs.

I'm taking my Dad over for a viewing in late September, which means I will miss the Lib Dem conference this year... But some things are even more satisfying than party politics.

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