Thursday, September 07, 2006

Star Wars comes to Swindon

Just home from seeing Canadian actor Charles Ross single-handledly play all the characters, sing the tunes, fly the ships, fight the battles (on both sides) and save the universe in the One Mans’ Star Wars Trilogy.

The sixty-minute show was fun-packed from start to end, and lets face who wouldn't want to save the universe fighting with a lightsaber and sounding the hooommmmzzzzshhhh schzzzchhh schzzchh cry as you swosh your lightsaber in a galactic battle far, far away?

I would recommend this show to anyone who is mildly amused by Star Wars, or the avid fan obsessed with the original movies…
· Charles Ross is Darth Vader
· Charles Ross is Luke Skywalker
· Charles Ross is Princess Leia !!!
If this show does not ignite your inner Jedi – nothing will

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Anonymous said...

thanks for recommendation... I will go watch this when it visits my town in South East England