Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paddick bows out from politics...

Disappointed to read in today’s Mail on Sunday that Brian Paddick has hung up his political rosette and with it his ambitions to pursue politics. We really need more flamboyant characters in the party.

Had hoped that Paddick would be parachuted into a winnable seat for the May 2010 General Election, but alas it does not look likely.

Just a few quotes from the self deprecating diary article penned by Brian:

“Some people have asked if I'll run for Parliament now. It's as likely as me running another marathon. Not for anyone.”

Would you like to get to know me better? Paddick to Will Self. “Only sexually” is the stark reply.

Feb 14th: Launch our transport policies at Vauxhall Bus Station – no one comes

Feb 28th: At the Eco Build exhibition in Earl's Court. Had no proper briefing so did it myself on Google.

April 2nd: We're in the middle of the "Cleggover" storm, after Nick Clegg said he'd had up to 30 lovers. Am asked how many I've slept with. "A lot fewer women than Nick," I say.