Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So what were you doing at 5pm?

BBC radio 4's PM news show is running a photo journal of listeners activities at 5pm.

I am always at work at 5 O'clock, but by ten past five I have walked home from the office and have started cooking dinner.

So today, I decided to take a photo of myself preparing food in the kitchen. It was beef casserole today, which is only on the menu as my partners catering suppliers at the hotel sent a brisket joint of beef in error and did not want it back.

I was a bit miffed as I had ran out of oxo cubes, so instead chucked in a glug of Worcester Sauce - maybe not surprisingly it tasted so much better...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UKIP will win seats at the next General Election

Delightful story of pending election success for UKIP in the Daily Telegraph today. The author is that darling of the rightous Right - Humpty Dumpty Heffer.

Simon Heffer huffs and puffs, as is his want. And no doubt he will use his column inches in the Daily Telepgraph newspaper to espouse repeated nonsense of the electability of UKIP over the next couple of years.

Mr Heffer never ceases to provide much thought provoking entertainment at the breakfast table, but his explosions of observed truth and critique are long forgotten by lunchtime.

UKIP will remain an attractive home for the ranting cause.
UKIP’s possibility of success to a United Kingdom parliament will never be realised with the voting system we have in this country. Their success at the last Euro elections was all down to proportional voting to an institution that most readers of the Daily Telegraph ignore.

For truth be told, as every conservative leaning individual knows, to defeat Labour at the next election will only be secured by tactically voting Lib Dem on Conservative in 2009.

Friday, January 05, 2007

EasyJet grounded... cos it's raining

I've heard it all now. EasyJet have grounded their aircraft because rain on the runway at Bristol Airport is causing the craft to skid as it brakes.

Do you remember the old joke about train services delayed when leaves fell on the line?
Well now budget airlines won't fly out of provincial airlines if there is rain on the runway now-a-days. Not sure about the unacceptable face of capitalism... I blame the unacceptable face of British weather.
This quote was published on Nick Robinson's BBC blog

What is most frustrating is my sister-in-law was delivered by me to Bristol Airport at 6:30am this morning for an 8am flight to Faro... I kissed her goodbye as she was booked in, and made her way through Passport Control.

Four hours later I read on the BBC that all flights had been cancelled out of Bristol. But try as I may, there was no way to get hold of Bristol Airport: I called twice and each time the phone was answered by a machine, and I had to endure cheesy music for ten minutes... followed by my call being disconnected.

The same happened with SleezyJet - except with their communications system I had to pay 50p a minute for the pleasure of listening to a recorded message inform me of their successes in prompt arrival and departure times.

Of course there are some who think people who travel too often and too cheaply should be punished through taxation. I think I am angry enough, without the thought that my flights and those of my friends would fund another Labour token gesture to save the environment!