Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UKIP will win seats at the next General Election

Delightful story of pending election success for UKIP in the Daily Telegraph today. The author is that darling of the rightous Right - Humpty Dumpty Heffer.

Simon Heffer huffs and puffs, as is his want. And no doubt he will use his column inches in the Daily Telepgraph newspaper to espouse repeated nonsense of the electability of UKIP over the next couple of years.

Mr Heffer never ceases to provide much thought provoking entertainment at the breakfast table, but his explosions of observed truth and critique are long forgotten by lunchtime.

UKIP will remain an attractive home for the ranting cause.
UKIP’s possibility of success to a United Kingdom parliament will never be realised with the voting system we have in this country. Their success at the last Euro elections was all down to proportional voting to an institution that most readers of the Daily Telegraph ignore.

For truth be told, as every conservative leaning individual knows, to defeat Labour at the next election will only be secured by tactically voting Lib Dem on Conservative in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Mr Heffer's article has all the hallmarks of an atheist about to convert. Why don't he just join UKIP? The real answer, though, is for UKIP and the Tories to enter into some kind of dialogue and find a middle way.

Ted Smart, Worthing

Jimmy Walker said...

In this article Mr Heffer misleads the reader by implying that at the Bromley by election Tory voters voted UKIP. There is no evidence that any more than a few hundred did that.

They just stayed at home and the Lib Dems squeezed the Labour vote (as usual). UKIP spent £100,000 on their Bromley campaign and gained only 872 votes more than the General election.

But then why would Mr Heffer want to portray Bromley as a UKIP triumph? Maybe because he staked his own personal reputation in campaigning for UKIP in Bromley.

And Mr Heffer praises Paul Dacre his former employer and Gordon Brown's friend. In Mr Heffer's lost world the policies of economic ruin that Brown has been following are not the biggest problem but it is the fact that the opposition are not ranting off enough on Europe and then ending up being unelectable.

Mr Heffer needs to wake up and smell the real coffee, it is a straight choice. Labour or Conservative and a UKIP vote is a vote for Labour. Paul Dacre chose Labour (and a peerage), Simon Heffer also seems to be preferring Labour as well.

J Strachan said...

I rather fear that a Conservative Party that is attractive to Simon Heffer would not be attractive to 90% of the electorate.

Perhaps he should get out more and talk to a wider cross section of electors