Saturday, March 11, 2006

Olympic Iceman strips!

Just found this video of 2006 Winter Olympics champion, Evgeni Plushenko. It's a funny film where he strips on ice to Tom Jones *Sex Bomb* sound track. Check out this video: Evgeni Plushenko - Sex Bomb!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Is this the way to jail-a-rillo?

A woman in the city of Bath has been punished with an Anti Social Behaviour Order for repeatedly playing the Tony Christie/Peter Kay cheesy hit song *Is this the way to Amarillo*.

Clearly neighbours have been crying into their pillows.

Read more of the story from the Daily Mail news website. There is a wonderful feedback comment from someone in Canada who says Mrs Webb of Bath should have been fined more for playing this song.

During raids by Bath & North East Somerset council and local police, stereos were seized from the house and these are now likely to be destroyed. How can this be justified... music systems can be bought again, it's the music CD which needs trashing.

Mrs Webb, who is £500 the poorer after her conviction, will be asking “Is the road to jail-a-rillo” if she pays the music too loudly again in the next two years... as this is the knee-jerk reaction the court will impose.