Sunday, October 22, 2006

The filth in American Politics - yea the candidates

Lib Dem Welsh MP Peter Black has a great little TV ad video from across the pond on his website.

Politics in America is mired in filth. When desperate men want to win the vote, they will resort to almost anything.

Republican Congressman John Doolittle is fighting for his life to hold his seat on Congress - principally due to his support of the War on Terror. He has done little else in office, so the Democrats are whipping his arse!

Doolitle states Democrat candidate Charlie Brown supports the North American Man Boy Love Association through his membership of the American Civil Liberties Union, and since the ACLU has in the past defended Nambla's free-speech rights, he is tainted by association.

"It is astounding," Mr Doolittle said in a recent press release, "that anyone could defend a group dedicated to aiding and abetting paedophiles."

So I guess the crap thrown back at Doolittle by the Brown campaign in the video on Peter's blog is therefore quite lame in comparison!

With Tory taxation you can have your cake and eat it

I am confused by the Conservatives when they talk about tax.

One influential wing of the Tories, in the Economic Competitiveness Review, call for flat taxes.

  • FLAT TAX = taxes are set at the same low rate for everyone, making them easy to understand and difficult to avoid, and eliminating the need for complex exemptions.

The other in the guise of the Tax Reform Commission says flat taxes are a bad thing as they may initially boost economic growth, but don’t pay for themselves. This ultimately leads to public spending reductions or increased government debt.

That’s the problem for policy-lite Dave Cameron and his henchman Mr Osbourne: When they have the bravado to publish policy, it’s contradicted by knowledgeable colleagues.

And we, the long-suffering voting public, are left more confused as we are stretched in both directions in this policy tug of war.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh no, Mark Oaten is at it again... confessing that is

Just when the shame was almost gone, Mark Oaten is at it again.

The confessions of an MP who does a rent-boy has now reached Women’s Hour as the honourable member for Winchester and his wife confess all (again) to the media.

This time the story takes on love, marriage and forgiveness in their first joint interview. But whilst a BBC journalist wonders how to pick up a marriage and carry on after such a bombshell, I am left pondering how does a political party pick itself up after such a carry-on?

There is something very Catholic about seeking forgiveness, but I’m getting rather bored with hearing this story of lust that does not speak its name.

Still at least the media has stopped blaming Oaten’s hair-loss, Charles Kennedy’s drink problem or indeed that Mark may, just may, have been interested in having (or was it watching?) sex with men?