Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oh no, Mark Oaten is at it again... confessing that is

Just when the shame was almost gone, Mark Oaten is at it again.

The confessions of an MP who does a rent-boy has now reached Women’s Hour as the honourable member for Winchester and his wife confess all (again) to the media.

This time the story takes on love, marriage and forgiveness in their first joint interview. But whilst a BBC journalist wonders how to pick up a marriage and carry on after such a bombshell, I am left pondering how does a political party pick itself up after such a carry-on?

There is something very Catholic about seeking forgiveness, but I’m getting rather bored with hearing this story of lust that does not speak its name.

Still at least the media has stopped blaming Oaten’s hair-loss, Charles Kennedy’s drink problem or indeed that Mark may, just may, have been interested in having (or was it watching?) sex with men?


Sally said...

I find it quiet stomach churning.

I would believe in his contrition if he kept his trap shut and did not appear to be making a fast buck out of every interview he gives and got down quietly to repair the damage he has done to not just his wife and family but his friends, his fellow members in the local party and his constituents.

Chris said...

I was kind of confused that a man who was so incredibly "busy" that he managed to spend only 15 minutes a week with his family manged to:

Source the liaison
Do the deed
Hide the time

Something does not add up...