Sunday, January 01, 2006

My cousin had a Quad Bike for Christmas

A great Christmas was had by all the family this year. My sister cooked the most wonderful Turkey ever (Marks & Spencer may have provided the bird, but it was my sister who cooked it!).

Boxing Day and all the family descended on my parents for party games - no television. It was wonderful to sit, talk and laugh with out the depressing BBC Eastenders bleeding its heart out in the corner of the room.

I often wonder if most families are really as miserable as portrayed on TV? Maybe a happy family sit-com would never sell?

My cousin received a Quad Bike for Christmas, so we all traveled down to the Swindon Park next to Pinehurst for a half hour of scrambling. Great fun... some of the adventure is captured on video, but try as I may, I cannot load this to my blog.

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