Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is coffee poison?

At Christmas we purchased a fantastic little Espresso machine and have been knocking the black liquid in quick shots for a couple of weeks now. I don’t so much walk to the office anymore, as “fly” – I am high as a kite.

I have been worried of late that I get more headaches than I used to… Am I poisoning myself with too much coffee?

I also just read a blog from someone in Boston – home of the Mad Tea Party who is anxious he is consuming too much coffee and it got me thinking some more.

There was a scare story in the UK Sunday Times last week. And I quote:

COFFEE is responsible for as much as a third of daily consumption of the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide, research by the United Nations has found.

The story goes on to say that drinking dark-roast coffee is better than medium or light… it is the process of roasting that creates acrylamide.

So as for giving up… I don’t think I will bother, just raise a cup of the strong stuff!!


peter said...

A biochemist of my acquaintance says there's no way coffee would be legalised for sale as a food product if discovered today. Might make it as an insecticide.

Me, I'll join you raising that cup.


Yeh, it's highly addictive as well, especially these strong Columbian varieties.

If can lead to mood swings, dehydration and resulting tiredness, a vicious spiral where the more you drink the more tired you become and the more you need that next fix.

You become desperate for your next hit and will go to any extreme to get it so much so that family, work and other personal relationships can suffer.

Tastes good though.

Luke said...

Hello I have heard that coffe and creamer/milk can make a slight poison is that true, and if so what does it do please wright back

Thank You

Luke said...

My sincere spologies’ i do not have an account for google so just comment back with you answer who might ever posses it

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Luke, not sure if it is a poison... but the ingredients are not very attractive! has more details.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is not good also the other ingredients in the coffee cause more problems than people care to know about. Coffee depletes the body of nutrients for the eyes. This is where you have impaired ability to see in low lighting conditions, can also cause dissiness. Coffee from a jar can cause reduced sex drive, when 3 + Mugs are consumed per day. ( also reduces the size of the Man.. ) possibly all related to the way the bodies nutrients are consumed protecting the body from the coffee you drank. Better off drinking tea or water, milk is another interesting product...

Anonymous said...

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