Friday, January 20, 2006

Don't push... I mean it!!

Phew, I am glad this week has come to an end.

Working on a
Local Area Agreement on behalf of the Local Council to get all public services working together is extremely rewarding.

I have posted up a couple of reports that I am working on at this time in the Links section. One on Equalities and the other on voluntary and community Involvement.

Some partners appear not to want to work together. At these times I just want to scream or hit something. Good job I attended that ANGER management course

So before I fall off the edge into a pit of doom, I made time to visit a fun website a friend recommended this afternoon.

But be warned... You may wish you had not pushed this.


Guy said...

Hi, nice blog. One comment, though. You may want to give proper attribution to the drawing you used to illustrate this post. The artist is a fellow blogger and a great person. Please consider this request.

Matthew of Sunny Swindon said...

Happy to commend Vitriolica Webb’s ite as the author of the Doom picture used to illustrate this story. I discovered her blog a few months back whilst researching all things Portuguese. Whilst our holiday home is in the Algarve, Viti lives north near Lisboa.

Guy said...

Maximillion, that is very cool of you. Great!