Friday, December 30, 2005

Gay Civil Unions, will the Church ever accept them?

So it's nearly the New Year. Hurrah! May 2006 be more challenging than 2005, and may it be a little more tolerant!

Saw this story and the accompanying picture which made me laugh out loud.
Gay civil unions in the UK I have submitted an opinion on this chaps website... not sure if he posts it?

Not convinced any Church will be placing a sign like this outside any places of worship - but hey, you never know?

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Guy said...

Hi, Matthew. First of all, happy 2006.

Opinions from visitors are always posted. Automatically. And unless they are really obscene or insulting or racist they stay where they are.

Glad to see you liked my post. And, yes, let's hope for more tolerance. Or even better yet: acceptance.

And good luck with your blog!