Saturday, November 04, 2006

Keep your pecker up Pastor Ted

Our prayers are with Pastor Haggard.

We want to urge on the coming of the Lord, not the indulgencies of Ted with a gay prostitute.

  • Extract from the Guardian: Mr Jones [a male prostitue from Colorado] told reporters he went public because of his anger at Mr Haggard for preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage while pursuing a clandestine relationship with him for three years.

    He said that the pastor paid to have sex nearly once a month, and that he snorted methamphetamines to heighten the experience.
If Ted confesses his sin and stops persecuting gay people for their life-choices, then I see no reason why he should not return to the Republican sponsored Evangelical Church of America.

God moves in mysterious ways. This is HIS way of healing the Church in these troubled times of rampant hatred being carried out in the name of the Lord.


Tony said...

But we are only getting to know this guy. He is the HEAD of 30 million fundamentalists who are trained to hate gay people.

We need to know how long Bush and Dobson and Abramoff knew about his drug usage and patronage of prostitutes.

We need to know every detail about where the drug money came from and how many children he may have given drugs to. Or if he possibly gave his own children drugs or exposed them to the on-line sex the way conservative singer Sara Evans' husband did.

This story is only 24 hours old. We need to know a lot more. He's the leader of the entire Christian conservative movement. He's a role model and a kingmaker and a hatemonger. All of the power he wielded against innocent children makes it a civic and patriotic duty to fully investigate his life

Anonymous said...

Does the dick in my mouth make me look gay?

Haggard is so guilty and we have heard this before..."I tried pot but I didn't inhale". It was just as rediculous coming from Clinton as it sounds coming from Haggard!

Let's NOT play partisan politics here. BOTH got caught and both lied. Lies that any good five year old could have done better.


Mary-Jane said...

Clinton is old news and even though their excuses sound eerily similar, "I didn't inhale" and "I didn't have sex with that woman", Clinton, as far as I know, never held himself up as a shining beacon of moral superiority and he certainly didn't preach against or condemn others who were doing the same thing he was.

It's not Haggard's gay sex or drug use that pisses me off. It's not even his infidelity that I find most offensive. I DO find his infidelity to be very offensive, but in the end that's an issue for he and his wife to deal with. It's his HYPOCRISY that I find most offensive and unacceptable and frankly THAT is the ONLY issue that I think is any of my business.