Monday, April 02, 2007

Tories don't like Cameron, do they?

Robin Harris hates his former employee. Back in March 2006 Mr Harris, of Conservative Research Dept wrote in Prospect Magazine that Cameron was spoiling the party.

Today in the FT he suggests Cameron is an out and out opportunist as re-printed here:

David Cameron's former boss last night accused the Tory leader of being an "out and out opportunist".
Robin Harris, director of the Conservative Research Department when Mr Cameron started work there in 1988, classed his former employee as one of a group who worked for their party "as a way of advancing their careers. They weren't necessarily highly motivated."
The Old Etonian Conservative leader used his impeccable connections to advance his career, Mr Harris suggested. Reflecting on Mr Cameron's rapid rise to the top of the party, Mr Harris described him as "an out and out opportunist . . I don't believe that David Cameron believes anything."

Oh dear… if that is the case, and Harris employed Cameron – should we all fear that truth passes the Tory Leaders lips as regularly as Gordon Brown dips into his pocket and helps out the poor?


Tom Papworth said...

This isn't really news: he said as much on Dispatches last week. And Ming has long been pointing out that Cameron doesn't actually tell us what he believes.

Still, it probably needs repeating.

David Allen said...

But the people of Swindon clearly like the Tories _ and Mr Cameron too, I bet. How many councillors are you down to now?

Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems in Swindon are down to a misserable three. I am not sure if that has anything to do with Mr Cameron?

The point of this story is the blue-rince brigade and Tories of old are repulsed by their new leader in Westminster.

Maybe this is more to do with Dave C riding his party of natural supporter base in efforts to gain the support of the moderate left?