Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is the Libby Bird about to fly away?

There is a fun story on Suz Blog which I regularly visit. Suz Blog: Is the Libby Bird about to fly away

I have submitted a comment, which just in case it does not make it to her site, is re-printed again here.

I regularly shop with a Liby-bird canvas bag acquired at a Conference in
Blackpool a couple of years ago... and in the past two years, three people have
come up to me and said "I recognise that logo on your bag - are you a Liberal

I confess the truth of course.

Anyway, it's appropriate to keep the bird, as after the 2009 general election when we enter a coalition with the Conservatives, our birdy can perch in a branch of the tory green tree.


Tom Papworth said...

You can start riots with that sort of talk! :oD

David Allen said...

Do Libdems really like the dead parrot, then? A pretty useless piece of branding, I think _ what is it trying to communicate?