Saturday, February 11, 2006

A most famous victory for Lib Dems

Sometimes even the media can celebrate with us, rather than laugh at the Liberal Democrats.

The party leadership election has given rise to ridicule for the third party of UK politics, but thank goodness for by-elections. In a sensational result the Lib Dems have turned round a safe Labour seat into a most famous victory for Liberal Democrats.

Even the politically neutral wrote on their website on Thursday 9th Feb that Nu Labor would hold the seat:

Labour is defending a majority at the general election of 11,562, when turnout was 59.9 per cent. With Labour expected to hold on to the seat, attention is set to focus on whether recent troubles for the Lib Dems cause them to fall behind the SNP in the battle for second place.

A story with more detail of the result is on the
Swindon local party website.

So how could Labour loose this safe seat? Maybe it is because our hospitals are dirtier and less efficient and some waiting lists are longer. Our schools are turning out an ever-thicker brand of child at the age of 16 or 18 because education reform is a cock-up failing our youth. Our police are obsessed with being nice to groups that cause public danger rather than prosecuting them. Our public transport system is expensive and inadequate. Our welfare state rewards the feckless while penalising what the Victorians called "the deserving poor". Our Armed Forces are sent abroad to die for their country on the basis of a lie.

It could be the Blair factor has passed his sell-by date, but seeing as the PM in waiting (Gordon Brown) has his home in the Dunfermline and West Fife area and represents the neighbouring constituency… maybe the result had something to do with the “Brown-effect”? For me the principal reason of Lib Dem success is that we are a party of vision and passion with the most credible of policies to make Britan great again.

And when the Liberal Democrat party can communicate it’s possitive message to a listening public, despite all the scandals which have plagued us for a month – success comes our way because people don’t care about individuals – they care about freedom of opportunity to succeed and see their fellow countrymen succeed without interferience from the state.


Richard Gadsden said...

Is your middle para nicked from Simon Jenkins in today's Times ("Maybe it is because our hospitals are dirtier and less efficient and some waiting lists are longer. etc") or did he nick it from you? Either way, it should be attributed

Matthew of Sunny Swindon said...

No quotes from the Times in this blog... I read the Guardian and Telegraph to get a Left and Right perspective on the news.

Thoughts of failing public service provision (despite Labour's spin that money is constantly thrown at it) is a concern to everyone. The problem with Labour is they claim to throw money at something, then demand extra measures to improve ratings on league tables.

As am employee in Local Government I have first hand experience of the Govn't giving Education Authorities extra money to improve the lot of pupils in schools, then in the next breath Labour say that school buildings are crumbling and should be repaired with Local Council Tax resources.

Another is giving schools extra money for teaching equipment, and then cutting the finance support for teaching staff pensions - claiming that schools have more money so should use it wisely.

The latest directive from Labour is setting up Trust Schools where pupils choice of school is governed by the Head Teacher. All this will cause is perceived good schools oversubscribed by anxious parents wanting their child to be educated... appeals to the Education Authority to allow little Jo to attend the school of choice: the parent winning the appeal, leading to over-large classrooms where pupil attention is reduced. That leads to lower attainment of some pupils which drags down government inspection of school grading. And then the vicious cycle of parents choosing not to send their kids to a perceived poor school starts again, but in reverse.

How about equipping schools to teach?